• What does the new regulation say?
  • What are the issues?
  • Is your company concerned?
  • How to comply with the new legislation?


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The Smart GDPR package in 6 points

  • Takes care of all aspects of GDPR Compliance and allows your company to focus on your core activities
  • Designates an outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO), who is also a trained and certified lawyer in your jurisdiction
  • Organizes your compliance thanks via the SaaS platform
  • Manages daily tasks related to GDPR documentation via automated data processing registry and risk studies
  • Covers your financial risk via the insurance of your designated external DPO (up to 3M Euros)
  • Your compliance is demonstrated via the Smart GDPR® certificate

All the tools to ensure your GDPR compliance

  • Testing your compliance
  • Audit your compliance with Smart Watch Proactive™
  • Impact Assessment (PIA) with Smart Watch Proactive™
  • Risk assessment with Smart Watch Proactive™
  • Plan your compliance with Smart Watch Proactive™
  • Register of processing activities
  • Register of subcontractors
  • Register of data transfer outside of the EU
  • Register of incidents
  • Automatic feeding of registers via Smart API™ or manual entry or CSV import
  • Library of legal documents Smart Watch Proactive™
  • Portability / Reversibility
  • Project Management
  • Dashboard
  • Certification of compliance Smart GDPR®
  • Users’ Club with free access to marketplaces
  • Secure access
  • Unlimited number of users with modifiable level of access
  • Hosting in the EU
  • Daily data backup
  • Private Cloud Option
  • On Premises Option

Smart GDPR® Users’Club

All the tools to ensure your compliance

Insurance Marketplace (optional)
DPO Marketplace (optional)
Re-optinisation Marketplace (optional)
Data Intelligence Marketplace (optional)
Consulting Marketplace (optional)
Coaching and training Marketplace (optional)
    Smart GDPR® Users’ Club provides you with an access to a complete modular ecosystem consisting of:
  • Best offers in GDPR consulting
  • Best offers in coaching and training
  • Best offers among external DPO
  • Best offers in re-optin-isation of databases
  • Best offers in data intelligence
  • Best offers in insurance for administrative sanctions

  • Access to the marketplace is free for the service providers evaluated by users. Smart GDPR® has no influence on these evaluations
  • Resellers will be able to benefit from brining business to Smart GDPR as well as to receive business deals through the Smart GDPR® ecosystem.
  • As per a non-competing clause, Smart GDPR® software solution does not represent a competing offer to any of our resellers

We give you an option to backup your data in

  • Public Cloud
  • Your data is stored on a server hosted by Smart GDPR® in the European Union
  • Private Cloud
  • Your data is stored on a server hosted by Smart GDPR® in the European Union. You get your own URL and your Smart GDPR® platform is personalized with your colour scheme
  • On Premises
  • Your data is stored on your own servers where Smart GDPR® platform has already been installed

Legal compliance

Your Smart GDPR® Data Protection Officer ensures professional secrecy, no report to the regulator without your agreement VERSUS internal DPO = automatic reporting to the regulator

Financial security

Your Data Protection Officer (lawyer) is insured with a guarantee of up to 3 million euros (extensible) for any fault on their part

Complete service

Data Protection Officers (lawyers), financial guarantee, verification and management of your GDPR compliance via the SaaS Smart GDPR® platform

Competitive advantage

At least 5 times more advantageous than any other internal or external solution.